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四人編制的獨立電子組合,曲風受trip-hop與indie electronica影響,用創作暗喻著長年關注的動物議題。2013年EP《古老的記號》同名單曲入圍第四屆金音獎最佳電音單曲。2015年以《房間裡的動物》獲得第六屆金音獎最佳電音專輯獎。2017年發行第二張創作專輯《嗨!又相遇了》,入圍第九屆金音獎最佳專輯獎、最佳電音專輯獎、最佳電音單曲獎。
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A soulful indie electronic outfit that incorporates downtempo, trip-hop, jazz and dance-pop influences.

The artists of electronica music from Taipei known as MATELIN was formed in 2012.Their sound is soft, yet complex, profound, yet delicate. Much of their crystalline sound is derived from the endlessly pretty, subtle, almost whispering voice of female lead singer Asha. The other member is synthesizer/music producer Huang Shao-Yong , and guitarist Lin Yi-Chi. Also deserving much credit is their artistic liaison, Mina Shin, who creates fabulous, minimalistic visual art for their music that illustrates the tales and topics dealt with the songs. Since 2013, they have released two albums Animals in the Room and Hi! MATELIN, in addition to two EPs Ancient Mark and The Girl in the Magic Shoes. The group had been nominated for the Golden Indie Music Awards three times, and have won one Best Electronics Album award.