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都普勒浪潮 Waves of Doppler
將古典樂的元素內化,以經驗調理,最後以電子樂的形式演繹,都普勒浪潮是台灣配樂師/製作人許家維的個人電子化身,訴說如同宇宙般的孤寂,迴盪在若有似無的人群中。不尋常的節奏以及不合時宜的頓點試圖打破電子音樂的頑固想像,在機械的重複動作中尋找一磚一瓦築起的人性,運用科技以及古典技法, 創造出奇怪的呈現效果。 有時也運用環境的噪音,透過數位化的過程,繼而在編曲中重新融合, 為素材、技法賦予音樂性的意義。
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Ambient techno producer who incorporated sophisticated classical musicianship and influences.

Waves of Doppler is a solo project of Taiwanese electronic producer Hsu Chia-Wei. He fuses electronic music into a classical music structure with delicate layers of sound design and instrumentations. His music is known for a rich narrative experience by blending irregular pattern structures, bizarre, nearly-un-danceable rhythms, strangely elegant melodies. He also implements different analogue devices and digital techniques into creating a uniquely structured aspect of electronic music.