Dark Paradise Records : Label Night HK 2018

Dark Paradise Records : Label Night HK 2018

台灣獨立電音廠牌-派樂黛唱片 首度香港巡演
2018派樂黛首度以廠牌之名前往海外演出,帶領動物發聲者「林瑪黛」、電音黑魔女「鹿比∞吠陀」、潮流新星「Dizparity」以及電子樂玩家「Waves of Doppler」全陣容出動。不僅帶來經典,更多未曾在香港演出的全新作品即將登場,跟我們一起創造屬於台灣的聲音美學,這場革命,我們不電不玩!
On their fifth year, Dark Paradise Records dedicates their debut label night in HK.
Dark Paradise Records, an independent record label devotes to excavate talent-young artists and turns experimental, bold and distinct electronic sounds into viral mix that’s both impressive and remarkable. In recent years, they swept electronic music prizes of Golden Indie Music Awards, the biggest event for independent music in Taiwan . Dark Paradise Records immerse themselves developing Taiwanese electronic music scene and reaching out to talents around the world .
Head to 2018, Dark Paradise Records just announced their first oversea label night will be held in HK. An epic event featuring MATELIN, Dizparity, Ruby Fatale, Waves of Doppler and special guest Sophy(HK) in one night. There’s no limit to this night’s ambition, just marinate your body and soul in the beats with us, and you’re going to figure it out.